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A Reader’s Guide to Great Christian Resources


Ink & Faith Reads is a faith-based Christian Guide that provides Books, Podcasts and Resources in many genre’s.

Welcome to Ink & Faith Reads Guide, your ultimate guide to finding captivating books
and embarking on literary journeys that will transport you to new worlds and enrich your imagination.

We are dedicated to connecting readers with talented authors and their remarkable works,
helping you explore a vast array of genres and discover the perfect book to suit your tastes.

Join us as we celebrate the magic of storytelling and the boundless adventures that books offer.

Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or just starting your literary journey, we’re here to
ignite your passion for reading and introduce you to a world of imagination and wonder.

Including sections for fiction, non-fiction, kids’ books, journals and planners, inspirational, free and paid printables,
resources section, podcast section, featured author section, interesting articles by authors, and exciting short stories.

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I am extremely thankful that you are helping me get word out about this book,. THANK YOU!! so much for allowing me to be in your magazine, It means everything to me.
May God richly bless you!
— Christine Young
Author of – Quit Doubting Trust God

Much to my surprise and delight, my book was back on the best-seller list a day or two after it was featured in Lana’s magazine! Thank you, Lana! You’re the best!
–Valerie Riese
Author of Candid Moments –
For When You Just Need a Little Bit of Jesus

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This was a great experience and loved being in the guide.

Thank you for allowing us to participate in the Holiday Gift Guide. Great idea!

Thank you for this Collaboration, it was awesome!

Thanks for all you do. Your Holiday Guide was beautiful.

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