The Author Spotlight Interview with Ella Jean Jackson

My name is Ella Jean Jackson. I was born in Tylertown Mississippi Walthall county. I reside in Ponchatoula Louisiana. I am fifty-eight years of age. What inspired me to write is that I had to give the trials and tribulations in my book. Everything in my life was hindering me at that very moment . I always was very unhappy before I had started writing my book. I had dealt with slot of pain I could not never focus on much of anything without crying. It was so much pain that it was very quite annoying. I brings out human agonies are often a mere whisper too my ears. I had felt that it were glances of hatred in 1979 that will stab and raise no cry to murder.


The Heart Of Dignity

When my brother was murdered in 1979, I had thought that was the end of my life at fourteen years old. I know that God is was always my protector, but at that age I had thought my brother was in that position at that very age and moment. I have been suffering from plenty of sounds except that of a lot of low moans in the motif the night. It had brought many months of suppressed anguish and plenty of early morning tears.

It had brought pain to my body, my mind, and soul during the moments. It was a very unpleasant sensation for me. And I had suffered a lot of pain with a very real problem in my life and journey in which I had to face on a daily basis. For example: people can wear pain on the outside just like a mask, by hiding it from the world within.