The Author Spotlight Interview with Loni Hunley

Loni Hunley was born and raised in the beautiful town of Bishop, California, nestled in between the Sierra Nevada and White mountains. She loves reading, spending time with family, and studying God’s Word. Her debut book, What If? Is a direct result of stepping outside her comfort zone and obeying the Lord’s whisper to encourage others to read His Word for themselves.


What If?

In this world, chaos certainly seems to reign. World events and news leave many of us anxious and searching for help to navigate it all and worrying about what it all means for the future. If this is you as well, the Lord has the answers you seek. Are you curious about the Bible and what it says?

Have you ever asked yourself, is the Bible really applicable to the world today? In What If? we will look at the possibility of what life could be like if we lived according to God’s plan and directions for our lives. Come, join me on a journey of God’s Word. Together, we will walk through “What if” questions and explore the answers that the Lord is eager to provide.