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The Author Spotlight Interview with Ollie Marshall-Rico

Ollie MARSHALL – RICO is a native of Springfield, Arkansas, from the community of Union Chapel, where she grew up with ten brothers and five sisters. She now makes her home in Orange, New Jersey, with her husband. She is a retired teacher from Newark Public School System.

Ollie has published six other books: The ABC Character Builder, Fire in My Bones, Commander – In – Chief (The 44th President), Searching, Genealogy – Connecting – Phase I, Sprouts of the Spirit, and Scattered Changes.


Equality, Injustice, or What?

Over one hundred individuals have met the tragedy of death within this book, which is only the tip of the iceberg, ranging from Julian Alexander to Daunte Wright

Ollie recalls the elements of the Jim Crow Area as she writes the lines contributing to the hardship her parents had experienced at the hands of officers who did not honor the oaths they undertook as law enforcement. She has cried out through her pen words for the many loved ones’ families who have died senseless deaths. Deaths through asphyxiation, lack of mishandling the mental illness, or using the gun unjustifiably. Once an officer says, I was in fear of my life, that is the key for most officers to be excused for the kill, whether it was a cell phone, or I thought he was reaching for my gun, or a person standing on the porch with a broom. How does any officer justify shooting someone in the back while the victim is running away? I thought it was my Taser, not my gun. I thought it was my apartment, not his, which occurred on a different floor.