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The Author Spotlight Interview with Jenny Sansom

I’m Jenny Sansom, born in California, kidnapped at the ripe age of 8 months and moved to Michigan (where my parents are both from). As kids, my brother & I would sit out in the backyard digging up and breaking open all the rocks we could find, with dads hammer, just to see what beauty the inside held for us,. It was exciting, and I remember our school library had a book on rocks so it was fun to try and identify them.

After graduation from High School, my family moved to Illinois, where I got a job in the fine jewelry department. It was awesome since I knew all the birthstones and some of the others like turquoise, opals and others. I worked there two (2) years and moved back to Michigan.

After the birth of my daughter I went to work for Montgomery Ward in Pontiac, where once again, I was in Fine Jewelry. I loved it. It was the easiest job in my life, I think.

Fast forward about thirty-five (35) years to 2000, a friend of mine here in Michigan suggested I learn to make jewelry. I thought he was kidding because I didn’t know anything about constructing it, I just knew what I liked and the stones. He figured I had half the battle won just by knowing the stones. So I did. I can’t tell you how many clasps I and other parts I broke, but I did finally learn. I had three (3) stores in Tennessee (Spring Hill to be exact)that sold my jewelry, and an employee at the liquor store I managed, that loved my jewelry.

In 2005, my BFF, Lynda, called me in Tennessee & asked me to make her a necklace to wear at bedtime because she was waking up in the middle of the night with a headache. I researched, made it & sent it up here to her. It worked great (except on the nights she forgot to wear it.) At that time I had no idea where this was going to lead.

Now in 2012, I had a friend who when I told her I had been compiling information on the gems stones and countries of origin, asked if I was including the healing properties, I said I hadn’t thought about it, so I did ( I figured it wasn’t going to be any big deal but boy was I mistaken). My friends asked me to send it to my Uncle in California who is a Chiropractor to get his opinion of my book so I did. He had it nine days (9) and I hadn’t heard from him so I called to get his opinion. He asked me why I had done that and then explained to me that he had taken classes on the subject. It seems that Dr.’s are finding that the gems can help with healing without the side effects that a lot of drugs have. I was in shock that it was gaining popularity.

I have made (to date) over 750 pieces of jewelry that are working for their specific problems. I can only say “Thank you, God, for giving these wonderful beauties to us, and for loving us so much. God said He had given us all we needed to take care of ourselves. AMEN!!!!


Healing with Gemstones

Healing with Gemstones is a compiled manual that shows you what gemstones can be used to assist in healing. God said that he has “given us everything we need to heal ourselves.” The gemstones are not to replace medicine but to assist with the healing process.

Every chemical that is on this planet is in our bodies, and when we start having problems (pains, etc.), it is usually because, as we age, our bodies start losing some of these chemicals. Wearing the gemstones puts the needed chemicals back in our bodies gently.