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The Author Spotlight Interview with Deacon Jim McFadden

Deacon Jim McFadden is an ordained deacon for the Diocese of Sacramento. His parish ministries have included adult formation, baptismal preparation, spiritual direction, and prison ministry. He has taught theology on the secondary level since 1988. He has done TV work for Shalom Work Media, including a 10 part series on Salvation History. He has published for Shalom Tidings and Spirituality Magazines. He received his BA from the University of San Francisco and his MA from Tulane University, both in the field of philosophy. He currently lives in Fair Oaks, California with Catherine his spouse of 52 years and counting.


Salvation History: God’s Rescue Operation

Salvation History: God’s Rescue Operation is an overarching narrative of God’s tenacious, unconditional love for human beings. His commitment to us is demonstrated by the great rescue mission he launches to heal, refresh, transform, and save human kind in his unwavering quest to return us to a modern-day Garden of Eden. The book provides a fresh, original interpretive lens through which to understand the intricacies of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament which contains the promise eventually fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth—the Savior of the world. This insightful work will help the reader process biblical content at a much higher and deeper level of faith that has the power to purposefully direct our paths and transform lives.