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The Author Spotlight Interview with Carylee Carrington

Carylee Carrington, the creative force behind a new era in children’s literature, is a name that resonates with the magic of storytelling and the power of diverse narratives. As an accomplished children’s author and a tireless advocate for inclusivity in children’s books, Carylee’s journey has captured the hearts of young readers and educators alike.

With an inspiring background in digital marketing and a deep understanding of the publishing landscape, Carylee’s storytelling transcends the pages of her books. Her works, such as “Everyone, Just Like Me” and “Pretty Hair,” are celebrated for their ability to instill values of acceptance, empathy, and self-love in young minds.

Carylee Carrington’s mission goes beyond writing captivating tales; it’s about breaking barriers, fostering understanding, and building bridges between cultures. Her passion for diverse representation in children’s literature is a beacon of hope in a world where every child deserves to see themselves reflected in the stories they read.

In an era where the need for diversity and inclusivity has never been more profound, Carylee Carrington stands at the forefront, a beacon of inspiration for both children and adults alike. Her commitment to making the world of children’s books a more vibrant and inclusive place has earned her recognition as a true trailblazer in the literary world. Carylee’s story is one of vision, heart, and a profound belief in the transformative power of storytelling, making her an ideal subject for any news media looking to celebrate voices that truly matter in today’s society.

Maya Sings Country

It’s almost time for the Spring Recital. Maya chooses Country as the musical genre that she will be performing. It’s not the type of music that she usually listens to and she doesn’t know much about it.

There are many who believe only certain people enjoy or perform certain genres of music, but Maya is determined to prove them wrong. She stuns everyone with her song and proves that you can be black and be Country.

Come along with Maya as she learns about some African-American pioneers of the music industry — proving we can all live above society stereotypes.