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The Author Spotlight Interview with Perry Muse

Perry Muse is a U.S. Army veteran, businessperson for over 30 years, entrepreneur, artist, husband, Father, and author. He has been listed in the Who’s Who of Music and the Who’s Who of Business Leaders. Perry is also a lifelong survivor of death-defying accidents. In 2017 he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This life changing event required him to reach deep inside and find courage, faith, and to become an expert intellect about his conditions and treatments. Perry’s writing is entertaining, funny, extremely educational, and most importantly, all unbelievably true. Today he lives in Johnson City, Tennessee with his wife and 3 dogs.


Morbid Thoughts and the Domino Effect: Passing Thoughts During Cancer

A “thrill seeker” as deemed by his mother. An assessment that was only justified as he entered the journey of life. He escaped the jaws of death on multiple occasions, being catapulted through two windshields and hitting a telephone pole at 110 MPH on a motorcycle among his perils. But nothing compared to author Perry Muse’s battle with prostate cancer.

In his inspirational memoir book, Morbid Thoughts and the Domino Effect, he strives to raise a voice on cancer battle and awareness. He was teaching you how to deal with cancer, and prostate cancer treatment (surgeries and radiation), all based on his real-life experiences. He emphasizes his conclusions and voice on prostate cancer while sharing his guide to surviving prostate cancer. Perry invites you to his gripping tale full of emotion, motivation, and the domino effect of events in his life amid 17 surgeries in his cancer survivor book. Receive a helping hand better help than any cancer diagnosis book.