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The Author Spotlight Interview with Pastor Lerone Dinnall

Pastor and Bishop Lerone Dinnall through the Leading of The Almighty God was inspired to Birth The Word of God through this Ministry’s Channel in The Name of Jesus Christ. Pastor Lerone Dinnall is married to his beautiful wife being Co-Pastor of this Ministry, Mrs. Taina Dinnall, The marriage has so far established four amazing fruits for God’s Kingdom Inheritance. Pastor Lerone Dinnall is the Author of seven Spiritual Uplifting books, he is a current marriage officer for the island of Jamaica, Prayer Influencer, Motivational speaker, Counselor, Consultant, and has also advanced his skills to be a professional Auto Technician.


Steps Towards Inheritance… For Men

Take the challenge to read for yourself Steps Towards Inheritance… For Men… The Spiritual Access has already been given by The Almighty God through this book to know about God’s Gold, To search for that Gold, To receive from this Gold and most important, To Spiritually acquire The Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom, being The Godhead to be able to KEEP your Gold that was Released from The Almighty God through The Access Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.